Welcome to “The Divine Woman’”

We are a Global Sisterhood Online Community

This is for you if: 

  • Feel overwhelmed with your emotions with no support 

  • Going thru a major life change and need emotional support. (Divorce, separation, losing a love one etc.)

  • Have you tried to change old habits and will like to have a community that support you 

  • You want to find your life Purpose!

  • Heal your heart, forgive and bring more compassion and self love into your life

  • Want to connect with your intuition and inner guidance 

  • You want to feel more self confident and start believing in yourself and talent

  • Heal your ancestral lineage to end generational cycles of negativity in your life

  • Want to learn about Kundalini Yoga teachings for women 

  • Be part of a community of sisterhood free of judgment

  • Learn how to deal with your emotions and use all of them as a super power 

  • Want to understand the power of the Divine feminine and how to use it in this age

  • Want to love yourself completely just the way you are!

  • Want to develop a deeper Spiritual practice

  • Want to connect with other Spiritual minded women

I can promise you that if you ever want to see and feel the majesty of God, you can only see and feel it through a very beautiful, loving, legendary woman. A woman is a legend who will live forever and around her the entire universe and creativity of God will revolve. A woman is an unstopping coincidence of the psyche which God wanted to experience Himself. Without the grace and respect of a Woman, there will never be peace on earth. -Yogi Bhajan

Oh Divine woman have you forgotten how precious you are? Have you forgotten that you are the Rose of Life? Have you forgotten your Beauty Essence and Creative Power? Oh Divine Woman you were created with every inch of your being is the universe. Oh Divine Woman in this gathering you are going to remember who you are, your essence. In this gathering you are going to be able to manifest, heal, love, forgive, you will remember who you truly are! You are

The Divine Woman!

Oh Divine Woman, I have been waiting for you. And now is the time we Rise Together in Sisterhood!No more looking outside of yourself, its all inside of you. Now is the time we Rise! Rise Sister! Join the Evolution of sisterhood!


I am The Divine Woman!

The Divine woman is a Global Movement to empower women through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In our gatherings we support each other to connect with out Divinity as woman, owning our power, our essence, our beauty, healing our wounds and expressing our voice.

We empower each other, regaining self respect, as the embodiment and holder of the Feminine power. When a woman is aligned with her dignity and Divinity society can come into balance.

Not only are you powerful, you are prestigious. Not only are you prestigious, you are beautiful. Not only are you beautiful, you are consciousness. Not only are you consciousness, you are the spirit. Not only are you the spirit, you are the security of the future, the most bountiful beauty ever God created. Men call it ‘woman.”
— Yogi Bhajan

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women! We embrace the Feminine energy by connecting with each other. We experience deep support, connection and healing. We emerge in our truest self and power. We are woman that are ready to experience more happiness, love, radiance, prosperity, abundance, beauty and creativity. We take control our lives and no longer live in victim consciousness. We meditate, heal, dance, love, cry and grow together. We embrace each other through the power of LOVE!

If you feel you’re tired of cultural conditions and subconscious self-destruction this gathering is for you!!

It’s time we build our awareness, intelligence, strength, power, wholeness, radiant body, meditative mind, gentleness, sophistication and Create a new Feminine Paradigm. It’s time we allow the real Divine Feminine to show up in our lives. You are The Divine Woman!

We want to serve each other to release:

  • Patterns that pull as back to connect with our power 

  • Self limited beliefs and unworthy feelings about ourselves

  • Trauma or abuse from a past relationship

  • Energetic vampires that drain your energy and push you down 

  • Hold and unexpressed emotions 

We want to rebuild ourselves and the world, honoring who we are so we can do what we supposed to do.

Get ready, we will support you with:

  • A Full and New Moon gatherings brings time for allowing us to heal, surrender manifesting and let go (topics, from sacred sexuality, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, etc)

  • Access to  our Special Woman Guest speaker.

  • Meditations and breathing techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, feel secure and center

  • Free content around energy healing, meditations, crystals, Ayurveda, essential oils, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga, Rituals, anything and everything mystical, we gotcha!

  • Facebook private group where we connect in private and share our stories and support each other. 

Oh Lord of Lords of the time, if you have created this world, create those environments where everybody’s mother, sister, and every woman on this planet can live with grace and there shall be no circumstances in which she has to sell her beauty, sell her body, sell her being, or sell her consciousness to exist on this planet.” -Yogi Bhajan